Exhibitor New Product Presentations Will Now Be Broadcast LIVE!

A key element of AIMExpo presented by Nationwide is the invaluable role the media plays in reporting on new products and creating excitement for the powersports industry as a whole.  

Five years of experience and feedback have been taken into consideration for the 2018 Exhibitor New Product Presentations and resulted in a new format for the sixth annual show. All presentations will take place in-booth from the showfloor with selected presentations being chosen for LIVE internet broadcasting. With this new opportunity, exhibitors will not only have the opportunity to present all new product to those at the show but to the world.

Jared Mees shows off the new Indian Scout at AIMExpo

Jared Mees shows off the new Indian Scout at AIMExpo

Presentations will take place throughout the two trade days – Thursday, October 11th & Friday, October 12th – and will follow the same 10-minute format as in year’s past. This “speed” format enables the media to take in as many presentations as possible while keeping the focus of each presentation on the most notable features and benefits of the new products being showcased.

Presenters will be chosen based on products that are unique, newsworthy, fashionable, and ideally being debuted at AIMExpo presented by Nationwide.  

With the limited number of spots available on the broadcast schedule, exhibitors will be required to submit an application in order to be considered for one of the coveted presentation slots. The application may found HERE.  

If you are chosen, you’ll be placed onto the broadcast schedule either on Thursday or Friday.

The deadline for applications is Friday, August 31st with final selections being made by Friday, September 14th.

Have Questions?

  • If you have general questions regarding the application process or presentation format, please contact Ashley Schiermeyer or (714) 222-5223