Exhibitor New Product Presentations

A key element of AIMExpo is the invaluable role the media plays in reporting on new products and creating excitement for the powersports industry as a whole.  

The 2022 Exhibitor New Product Presentations will take place on our New Product stage on the showfloor. 

Presentations will take place throughout the two trade days – Wednesday, January 19th & Thursday, January 20th – and will follow the same 10-minute format as in year’s past. This “speed” format enables the media to take in as many presentations as possible while keeping the focus of each presentation on the most notable features and benefits of the new products being showcased.

Presenters will be chosen based on products that are unique, newsworthy, fashionable, and ideally being debuted at AIMExpo.  

With the limited number of spots available on the schedule, exhibitors will be required to submit an application in order to be considered for one of the presentation slots. The application may found HERE.  

If your product is selected, we will assign you a scheduled time to present on Wednesday or Thursday.

The deadline for applications is Friday, November 19th with final selections being made by Friday, December 10th.

Have Questions?

Reach out to your Account Manager:

Companies #’s, A-L: Doug Chapman | dchapman@mic.org | 949.517.7508

Companies M-Z: Adam Schelor | aschelor@mic.org | 949.517.7518