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“If you are serious about growing your business in the powersports industry you need to exhibit at AIMExpo. In the span of 4 days you are able to meet with over 500 exhibitors including all the major OEMs, Distributors, dealers from around the country and thousands of retail customers; providing valuable customer feedback. NPA’s team is able to get a month of meetings, new partnerships and product strategies accomplished in the 4 days of AIMExpo. See you in Columbus!”

Jim Woodruff, COO , National Powersport Auctions

“The AIMExpo is the one time each year that we can gather together as a group to network, catch-up with friends and discuss the important topics that our injury faces. With collaboration, we can grow and the AIMExpo is the place to make that happen.”

Scott Lukaitis, Chief Operating Officer, Engine Ice

“I have attended every AIMExpo event to date ~ To get in front of the manufacturers, distributors and reps is by itself worth the effort to attend. The seminars, and informative meetings that are available are icing on the cake; not to mention getting to hang out with the industry friends that we don’t get to see often enough.”

Mark Anthony Peterson, Owner, Southwest Super Bikes

“We just launched our Hydra helmet line at the expo and it’s been going great. Being here at the expo is a really unique experience especially for a company like us where we’re just getting off the ground and starting. We’re able to be here with the biggest companies in the world when it comes to powersports and we’re able to introduce our products to the consumers and get everybody very excited about this industry, something that we don’t see very often anymore. It was very cool for me to be here, I come here every single year, we’ll be here again next year and hopefully the following years as well.”

Edward Chen, Business Operations Executive, Ahead Racing America, Inc.

“The AIMExpo is no doubt the most important event for our industry. No matter if you are an organization, a dealership, an enthusiast or interested consumer, you will find something of value by attending. No matter the size of your business or your target customer, AIMExpo is the place to be if you are in powersports. If you are trying meet and make new contacts, this is the place. If you are already established, there is no better event to meet and support your dealers. If you are a dealer looking for an update on products or wanting to improve your business, you have your choice of educational seminars and industry professionals to offer advice and information on every aspect of your operation. Or if you are just a person or a maybe a family looking for something fun to do and happen to like exciting machines, well there are a lot of those there too. Who knows… you may even end up finding one you like.”

Dave Johnson, VP Enterprise Solutions, Rollick

“Our Best Operators Club is the oldest 20-Group in our industry. They have just celebrated their 30th anniversary together. These are real pros and they know the value of AIMExpo.  Every year we schedule our meetings in conjunction with the show. Why?  Great exhibits, invaluable friends and informative workshops. WE believe strongly that “Together WE Rise.”

Gart Sutton, Dealer Education Speaker, Gart Sutton & Associates, Inc.

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