AIMExpo Disruptive Thinking

This education platform was designed to help dealers approach their business from different perspectives, bringing together current industry need-to-know content with broad, high-level topics that impact all aspects of business and life. The education platform featured a celebrity keynote, panels packed with industry powerhouses, and in depth sessions covering vital topics facing powersports today from electrification and emerging from the pandemic to capitalizing on the tremendous opportunities that lay ahead.

View the 2022 AIMExpo Disruptive Thinking Videos Below

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

MIC SYMPOSIUM:  Last year was great, this year could be Legendary

A panel discussion with industry experts Tony Gonzalez, Garage Composites; Pat Kennedy, Spader Group; Gart Sutton, GSA. Moderated by Mark Rodgers, Rodgers Performance Consulting.

MIC SYMPOSIUM:  Electrification of Powersports

The experts that are leading the charge to electrify the powersports industry

Presenters will include Marc McAllister, president & CEO, Tucker Powersports; Dan Quick, Communications Director, Zero Motorcycles; Bill Jenkins, Senior Vice President, Sales and Operations, Kawasaki Motors Corp USA.

Opening Session: 2022, An Era of Community

Presenters will include David Nour, CEO, The Nour Group, Cinnamon Kernes, Vice President, Market Expansion, MIC

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Managing by Metrics Rather Than Emotions

We often make decisions based on our “seat of the pants” feel. Let’s start using data to make better, more effective, and more profitable decisions.

Tony Gonzalez, Garage Composites

Pandemic Problems – How to Thrive, Not Just Survive

Inventory shortages, employee issues, and evolving consumer expectations are major threats today. Learn how to not just survive, but thrive through the pandemic problems facing dealerships today. Successful dealership operators will share their secrets for attacking these challenges head-on.

Jared Burt, HEROHUB
Bill Nash, Owner, Nash Powersports
Matt Petrovich, Director of Marketing/Operations, Nash Powersports
Brian Kane, Director of Operations, Nash Powersports

Winning the War for Talent – How to have superstars banging down your door to work for you

Throw out your job descriptions and old pay plans. The world of work has changed. How to find, attract, develop, and retain your rockstar workforce.

Mark Rodgers, Rodgers Performance Consulting

Cultivating a Community of New Riders

Does the proficient execution of your dealership sales process have unintended consequences that are holding you back your dealership? Learn how to win lifetime customers with a simple 3-step approach that will elevate your dealership equity value and brand equity. Hear proven strategies of successful dealership operators to build a massive loyal riding community.

Jared Burt, HEROHUB
Bill Nash, Owner, Nash Powersports
Matt Petrovich, Director of Marketing/Operations, Nash Powersports
Brian Kane, Director of Operations, Nash Powersports

MIC Symposium Keynote Speaker:
Ricky Carmichael, Mind of a Champion

Friday, January 21, 2022

Digital Marketing 301: Accsellerate® your digital results! By understanding and maximizing tools like omni-channel marketing, customized lead gen, and targeted CTAs, you can dramatically improve your sales. If you want to take your digital retailing prowess from 0 – 60 this session is for you.

Mark Rodgers, Rodgers Performance Consulting

Electrification of Powersports, part II

Travis Manton, Evolve, Global Product Manager
John Klinger, MiniMotors USA, President
Ethan Ralston, UBCO, Chief Sales Officer