How Our Industry Can Create New Consumers Instead of Fighting for the Same Ones

AIMExpo Keynote: Renown Economist David Savlowitz Shares ‘Blue Ocean’ Strategies

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 28, 2023 — Imagine taking your business out of cutthroat, overcrowded markets and into uncontested spaces ripe with opportunities. Imagine being able to achieve sustainable, long-term growth by finding untapped consumers. Imagine the entire industry working to reshape current market boundaries to create and capture new demand. David Savlowitz and Michael Ponton of Competitive Analytics will inspire and equip AIMExpo attendees to chart their own path to innovation and prosperity in the keynote session, “Navigating New Horizons: Unleashing Success with Blue Ocean Strategy,” on Tuesday, February 6.

“The transformative power of Blue Ocean Strategy is essential for achieving unparalleled success,” said Savlowitz. “Currently, many industries and businesses operate in ‘red oceans,’ where merciless competition turns the ocean blood red. But ‘blue oceans’ have vast, uncharted possibilities that can lead to profits and opportunities for all. In a rapidly evolving economic and business landscape, the need for innovation and differentiation has never been more crucial.”

“Savlowitz and Ponton are both extremely knowledgeable about our space and recognized leaders in business strategy and economics, their insights and ideas will help all of us level up our business strategies,” said Erik Pritchard, president and CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Council. “I’m looking forward to introducing them on the AIMExpo education stage.”

Savlowitz continued, “AIMExpo brings competitors and colleagues together under one roof at one time with a singular goal of continuous improvement to move the industry forward – we do this together!”

The full education lineup can be viewed here on the AIMExpo website.

AIMExpo Announces Keynote Speaker David Savlowitz

David has 30 years of experience analyzing data and delivering actionable intelligence. His expertise includes advanced analytics (including advanced statistical, economic, and predictive analyses), analytical modeling, market research, data visualizations, business intelligence solutions, and related advisory, project management, and reporting. David’s unique core competencies include solving complex problems, creating innovative data and analytical methodologies and models, and synthesizing complex concepts into written reports, visualizations, and oral presentations accessible to any audience. He is also highly respected by academicians for his analytical skill and is working with the University of California, Irvine to develop curriculum for a new data analytics program. Prior to founding Competitive Analytics, David was Director of Market Research with The Irvine Company (internationally recognized real estate development company), Senior Consultant at Kenneth Leventhal & Company (niche real estate accounting and consulting firm) and Associate with Ernst & Young (Big Four consulting firm).

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