STACYC Stability Cycle Returns to AIMExpo Presented by Nationwide from Las Vegas 

Up-And-Coming Company Boasts Exceptional Growth Following 2017 Debut

The American International Motorcycle Expo presented by Nationwide (AIMExpo) welcomes the return of STACYC Stability Cycles (STACYC) to North America’s premier powersports show. The Southern California-based company enjoyed a highly successful debut at the show last September and will return for a second time this October 11-14 from the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in fabulous Las Vegas. STACYC will showcase the latest versions of its innovative electric balance bike, which provides a safer and more practical way for children and toddlers to learn how to ride a motorcycle simply by walking and building confidence at their own pace.

Wheelies on a Stacyc

STACYC was founded by Ryan Ragland, a motorcycle industry veteran that spent nearly a decade in racing and R&D for KTM North America. When his son, Robby, turned three years old, Ragland used his engineering knowledge to develop a small, lightweight electric bike that established a new way to introduce young riders to motorcycling by eliminating the intimidation factor. From there STACYC was born, and its first model launched in December 2016. The founding 12EDRIVE model was intended for initial use without power, enabling a child to learn balancing techniques by walking. As confidence continues to build, the “powered” electric mode, which comes in three stages, can be introduced for a seamless transition and continued development. STACYC also introduced the 16EDRIVE for older children that are larger in size. Each model’s name correlates to the diameter of each bike in inches, with the 12EDRIVE intended for ages 3-5, and the 16EDRIVE for ages 5-7.

Stacyc Demo at AIMExpo

Last year at AIMExpo presented by Nationwide, STACYC took advantage of its booth space to host a demo area in which Robby Ragland was able to showcase the performance of the bike and his impressive skill set. As a result, STACYC became one of the most talked about exhibitors at the show and their dealer network blossomed to nearly 100 businesses. That strong dealer network has helped STACYC introduce over 2,500 new riders into the two-wheeled space, and much of that exposure and new business can be attributed to its participation at AIMExpo presented by Nationwide.

The Stacyc team at AIMExpo

“AIMExpo has allowed us the opportunity to share the STACYC brand with valuable players in our industry as we work toward the common goal of bringing new riders into our sport,” stated Ragland. “We are thrilled to return for 2018 to discuss ways in which the STACYC product can help parents and family members share the love of riding and get young riders to ride sooner!”

The latest 12EDRIVE and 16EDRIVE models will be featured at STACYC’s booth inside Mandalay Bay Convention Center, and the performance capabilities of both models will be showcased throughout the show. The brand is just the latest company in the powersports marketplace to leverage the growing popularity and rapid evolution of electric power, and to leverage AIMExpo presented by Nationwide to its maximum potential by creating a new segment for the industry.

Kids Love Riding Stacyc

“STACYC is a true success story and personifies the purpose of AIMExpo presented by Nationwide. The all-encompassing platform is the launch-pad for new products while fostering both B2B and B2C relations, and the impressive increase in numbers STACYC has realized since the 2017 show is indicative of that,” said Larry Little, Vice President and General Manager of MIC Events. “We’re thrilled to see the success STACYC has enjoyed in building their brand and creating new riders, and we’re looking forward to their return in Las Vegas. We’re confident they’re going to experience even more growth with a west coast audience eager to introduce new riders to the world of motorcycling.”