March 2016 marks a great milestone for Spectro Oils of America, as we celebrate our 50th anniversary.

In 1966, Spectro was founded in Connecticut by Robert H. Wehman, where company has remained family owned and operated for 50 years.  Spectro was one of the pioneers in the 2-stroke motorcycle oil industry, which gained traction during the 60’s.  The company has grown substantially over the years, and is one of the most respected names in the power-sport industry worldwide.

All products are batch blended in-house, with precise attention to detail at Spectro Performance Oils headquarters in Brookfield, CT. The Spectro philosophy is simple, use the best ingredients to produce unmatched product performance.

Spanning 6 decades, the Spectro product line has reached far beyond the 2-stroke market, to include full synthetic, semi-synthetic, and petroleum lubricants for a wide range of applications.  Spectro offers lubricants for nearly every niche of the power-sport market, as well as high performance automotive applications.

With a product range including 2-stroke, 4-stroke, V-Twin, and many other custom blends, Spectro always fits the bill. No matter what you ride, Spectro provides a premium line of lubricants tailored to your specific needs. In addition, we offer a full line of suspension and brake fluids, as well as air filter cleaners and oils. As if that isn’t enough, we manufacture and package a litany of other products for the discerning power-sport enthusiast.

Spectro has also formed strategic partnerships with a number of industry leaders, providing them our private label program for their customers specific needs.

The company’s founder was adamant about supporting Spectro dealers, distributors, and the sport. That business philosophy holds true today. For this reason Spectro products are exclusively available through our worldwide network of authorized motorcycle and powersport retailers.