Experiencing Columbus For The First Time Part 2 – What’s Columbus Got To Offer? A LOT!

In my last blog, I took a look at Columbus and its great attributes as a city – the accessibility and growth – but now I’d love to break things down a bit and share my experience when I went exploring the immediate area around the Greater Columbus Convention Center. In no particular order…

Eats: There are so many restaurants of varying sizes throughout the city that there’s something for virtually every appetite. Each spot offers a unique dining experience, ranging from high-end (Black Point was delicious and literally 30 steps from GCCC) to late night bites at places like the aptly named Mikey’s Late Night Slice, which was recommended by more than a couple of people I spoke with while perusing the Short North, and it did not disappoint.

Mikey's Late Night Slice

Drinks: I love beer. Coincidentally the city of Columbus does too. It’s a match made in heaven! There are so many different bars, pubs, watering holes, micro/craft breweries and other drinking locales in the area it’s hard to keep them all straight. There is no shortage of choices with a list of 28 breweries that call Columbus home and a handful of those based within walking distance of the GCCC. Even if you’re unable to make it to the actual breweries you can find these local brews available on tap throughout town, and you won’t be disappointed. Some personal favorites were the brews from Columbus Brewing Co., Seventh Son Brew Co., Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, and Zaftig Brew Co. And if you’ve got the time and are feeling adventurous, nearly all of the local breweries in Columbus are featured on the Columbus Ale Trail.



Drinks 2.0: In keeping with the trail theme, Columbus also boasts some of the best coffee roasters around and have created the Columbus Coffee Trail as a way for visitors and locals alike to experience delicious caffeinated beverages, or decaffeinated if that’s your thing. Starting your day at any of these spots will ensure you’re ready to take on the day, or AIMExpo presented by Nationwide if you’re visiting September 21-24, 2017. A couple places I visited and thoroughly enjoyed were the Boston Stoker and One Line Coffee. Both were incredible, offering all kinds of hot and cold beverages along with a range of absolutely delicious, locally baked goods. My personal favorite was the large Chemex I got to enjoy all to myself while checking emails one morning at Boston Stoker.

Bike ride to Boston Stoker

The city bikes that are available to rent throughout the Short North made the short trek over to Boston Stoker a breeze

Short North Arts District: “The Art and Soul of Columbus” of the Short North is one of five unique entertainment districts throughout town and mere steps from the hustle and bustle of the convention center. It is arguably the most exciting spot in the city and is home to over 300 different businesses. After walking and biking – there are city bikes available for rent – throughout the Short North I can attest to the wide variety of shops along the route. Most seemed to be local or regional businesses varying from bike, running, and fitness to fashion/apparel, home goods, and everything in between. I made it a point to visit as many of these places as possible and found the people inside, both employees and fellow customers, to all be incredibly friendly and welcoming. I even struck up a conversation with a couple of guys who ride and were excited to hear about the show coming to town.

With its close proximity to the convention center and diverse range of places to eat, drink, gather, and bench race, I have no doubt that the Short North will turn into one big powersports party throughout the week of the show and I can’t wait for it! There are many additional entertainment districts bordering the convention center, including the Arena District which houses the Nationwide Arena – AIMExpo’s presenting sponsor! You can see them and explore them all at ExperienceColumbus.com. But we’re not done with Columbus. In my next entry, we’ll look at local industry businesses that we visited and how they are helping AIMExpo presented by Nationwide turn Columbus into Powersports USA when we come in September.

In my third and final segment, we wrap things up with a few visits with some powersports friends in the CBUS region. Stay tuned!

About the author
Scott Roegner is a part of AIMExpo’s agency of record Next Level Sports Management and has attended AIMExpo since 2014. Roegner is a resident of Los Angeles and was able to provide great insight as a lover of exploring cities, including his current hometown.