IRVINE, CALIF., Jan. 4, 2021 — Powersports leaders and experts in electrification will gather on stage at AIMExpo 2022 to discuss the latest advancements in and the future of motorized transportation and recreation. Two roundtables will be held during the biggest powersports industry trade show in North America at the Las Vegas Convention Center, January 19-21.

Headlining the first of two panels on Wednesday, January 19, is Dan Quick, Zero Motorcycles’ director of communications; Marc McAllister, president and CEO of Tucker Powersports; and Bill Jenkins, senior vice president, sales and operations, Kawasaki Motors Corp USA. They will discuss issues most important to dealers today including:

  • What customers do you lose forever by phasing out ICE products?
  • Dealer model; does it survive? How does it survive? Tesla, Rivian, Lucid, and others are going around the dealer model. What pros/cons does that offer for OEMs? Dealers? Consumers?
  • Have consumers forever changed to be more on-demand or online first/online only in their shopping behavior?
  • Are EV buyers still in need of convincing? Or is it that they already know they want EVs and it’s just the dealers need to change their approach in selling to them?
  • What incentives are available for dealers to install/support EVs, even before they decide to bring on an electric OEM?

“We’re at a historic moment in transportation and witnessing an unprecedented fluidity in market share for both brands and dealerships,” Quick said. “On the other side of the accelerating transition to electrics there will be a new landscape shaped by the industry players who have the vision to embracing the electric future of powersports.”

The second panel takes place on Friday, January 21, continuing the discussion on our industry’s need to look ahead and prepare for the electric future of powersports. The panel will feature Travis Manton of Evolve, John Klinger of MiniMotors USA, and Ethan Ralston of UBCO.

“The addition of electrification in powersports is inevitable,” said Marc McAllister, president and CEO of Tucker Powersports. “From an aftermarket perspective, we recognize the need to support dealers and the industry by offering new products and accessories that complement all levels of electrification, from high-performance electric motorcycles to eBikes and eScooters. And dealers need to understand the importance of integrating electric vehicles and accessories into their product offering – it won’t be an option, it will be a requirement for a dealer’s viability.”
“Electric vehicles will play an integral role in the future of powersports – there is no doubt about that – but there are a lot of questions that still need to be answered” said Andre Albert, director of marketing and events for the Motorcycle Industry Council. “We hope that by bringing together these experts, they can help us prepare for what’s to come so we can best serve our customers.”

These panels are the latest addition to AIMExpo’s education platform, DISRUPTIVE THINKING. Last week, dirt racing legend Ricky Carmichael, the GOAT, was announced as Thursday’s keynote speaker. To register to attend or to learn more about the show, go to

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