In response to continued growth in the United States, power sports company CFMOTO recently started working on the expansion of their US based headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The expansion includes redesigns of the warehouse, shipping department and office areas along with a new dedicated showroom for products.

CFMOTO began the expansion project in early April and is expected to be completed by the end of July. The project will result in a building footprint increase of 50%, giving CFMOTO over 50 thousand square feet of space.

The centerpiece of the construction project will be the new showroom that will display all the different sport utility vehicles CFMOTO offers. Along with the new showroom, the expansion also features redesigned shipping and warehouse areas along with new offices for continued growth.

Eric Fan, Chief Financial Officer, said of the expansion “with all of the growth CFMOTO has experienced, retail up 37% year to date and wholesale up year over year, we had to look at expanding our current location or find a new building. In early spring we had the opportunity to acquire the space next to our building and that gave us the room to expand.”

Fan adds; “With the new showroom, we will be able to highlight all the current year product offerings CFMOTO has to offer. With our current building setup, we were never afforded the opportunity to display anything because we just didn’t have space to do so. When construction is done, we will be able to display all SXS and ATV models in the CFMOTO line at once. We will also have the room to grow our office staff with the new offices we are building.”

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