An Intro to AIMExpo

A  recap of AIMExpo 2024 from the exhibitor eyes

February 21, 2024 

Why did we decide to exhibit?

We have a group of throttle jockeys, who were more excited to be at AIMExpo than a toddler in a candy store. Some have only started riding a couple years ago (me) while others have been riding for decades, but they’re united in their ecstasy at the opportunity to operate where work and passions collide.

We’re excited to bring the depth and breadth from the world’s largest sealing companies in Freudenberg and NOK. We don’t just manufacture and sell; we ride, we listen, and we solve problems.

What did we do?

While we’re seasoned veterans exhibiting at other tradeshows like AAPEX, Powertrain Expo, and HDAW, we knew AIMExpo was going to be a different kind of show…in a good way. We waffled back and forth between a 10 by 10 and a 10 by 20 booth, ultimately making the incorrect choice of going small.

How was the show?

You will have high quality, passionate conversations no matter the audience. The rider community absolutely translates to the business aspect, and it was gratifying to see. Whether we were talking to dealers, content creators, fellow vendors, or anyone else, the conversation always yielded something positive and fruitful.

All this despite an evacuation in the middle of the show due to a minor fire. Those who were quick on their feet made their way to the Renaissance quickly for refreshments before returning for more good conversations, the E-bike throwdown, and the industry party.

Why are you talking about shopping?

Despite the recent growth the show is experiencing, AIMExpo is much smaller than its automobile counterparts like AAPEX. That means you can walk the show in a day and get some personal shopping done like Patrick said in the last episode of 2 Wheels 2 Ways.

I was personally excited to talk to the folks at Click’n’ride and Tuff Jugs. Track days can take a lot out of you and anything that makes life easier is always welcome.

As a newer rider who’s gone from MSF to track days in the blink of an eye, I’m always looking to get more people on 2 wheels. My big problem is no one is touching my 2020 Aprilia Tuono V4 Misano. There’s too much power for the new rider and it’s my baby!

But, I have a Ninja 400 that let’s say is very well broken in. Great for teaching others how to ride, which I’m happy to do! Only caveat is it’s set up for the track and converting it back for the street is a pain in the ass. This is where Click’n’ride’s quick release turn signals are a god send. I can’t wait to get my hands on these. I hope one day to find similar solutions for mirrors, license plates, and brake lights.

The tried-and-true VP Racing Fuel jugs dominate for good reason, but Tuff Jugs will make track riders’ days a lot easier with its fuel dispensing technology. I see people struggle with fueling up bikes all the time. A solution that is quicker AND cleaner? Yes, please.

Seeing upcoming helmets from Arai and KYT was also a huge bonus. These designs are so fresh, some of them are hand painted!

Lessons learned?

Lessons abound from what can otherwise be called a successful show and great experience.

1. Slap some air tags or tiles in anything you are shipping to the show. Our main shipment didn’t arrive until the day of the show. Using this tech would have made it much easier to hunt down our stuff.

2. Go big. Empty space isn’t a bad thing. It invites attendees to walk through your space. Plus, it’s easier to fill a larger space than step over yourselves in a small space. The cost difference is reasonable.

3. The monorail is not reliable. The Renaissance is next door to the show floor. Do the math. The added cost is worth the convenience of being able to walk back and forth in minutes. The Sahara and Westgate aren’t on the strip either, where most will go for good times.

4. Giveaways & prizes. Remember, a lot of attendees fly in and don’t have a ton of room for larger items. We had some really cool t-shirts and some other vendors did too. They can’t take everything home!

Will we be back next year?

Fork yeah, see you next year!

Ride safe and for fork’s sake, get your NOK seals from Corteco!