Netherlands based REV’IT’s stylish, urban friendly riding gear and high performance adventure gear made it one of the most popular introductions at AIMExpo, where it hosted the North American debut of its upcoming Spring 2017 collection. The lineup features cutting-edge adventure gear, city ready fabric and leather jackets, high quality protective denim and pants, and a multitude of footwear for virtually any need.

RevIt Jacket

Some of the product highlights are the Sand 3 adventure jacket, the Sand Urban jacket, Alpha RF trousers, and Marshall WR boots. The Swiss Army Knife-like features of the 100% waterproof Sand 3 jacket make it an ideal choice for riders in search of a true adventure, while the Sand Urban takes many of the features of its adventure counterpart applied to a more urban-friendly environment. The Alpha chino looks like a conventional pair of casual pants, but is equipped with protection and is composed of award-winning material that can withstand tears and abrasion. The Marshall boots are water resistant, with built-in protection for the toe and ankle, packaged in an everyday look.

The entire Spring collection, including specs and stock photos, will be available in 2017.

Scorpion’s Covert Helmet made an impression in its debut. The versatile 3-in-1 road helmet features distinctly bold and aggressive styling that makes it aesthetically appealing, but where the brand new helmet really makes its mark is in its multi functionality.

Scorpion Covert Helmet

The Covert’s radical design is made to work with any bike. The base half helmet is the foundation, with a built-in drop-down sunvisor. A rear comfort sleeve turns the Covert into a 3/4 open face helmet. Capping it all off is a front mask that brings the Covert full circle as a full mask.

At the core of the unique versatility of the Covert is high quality head protection from its DOT-approved, advanced LG Polycarbonate shell and dual density EPS. The helmet starts at an MSRP of $209.95.

Bates Footwear’s strong relationship with the U.S Armed Forces was showcased as part of the global debut of its PowerSports line for 2017. A pair of “Made in America” boots are Berry Compliant, in accordance with the Berry Amendment, meaning 100% of the materials used to make each boot was sourced and made in the U.S.

Bates Footwear

Each boot style, the Freedom and Bomber, deliver performance, protection, and all day comfort, whether on or off the bike. Both boots feature an embossed American flag, which is positioned in accordance to how it would look when going into battle, five stars to represent each branch of the military, and red well thread that connects the sole and upper of the shoe is in honor of the sacrifices made by military veterans.

The entire PowerSports lineup will be available later this year.

IXS, a Swiss-based manufacturer of motorcycle gear, protective gear, and sportswear for all motorcyclists, showcased its newest lineup of riding gear at AIMExpo. Headlining this collection was the brand’s GORE-TEX fitted series of adventure gear.

IXS Saragossa Jacket

The GORE-TEX lineup includes the Nemoy and Saragossa jacket and pant set, both built to provide the perfect fit. The Nemoy is highly breathable and waterproof, designed for extreme riding conditions. The rugged outer layer is accompanied by a pair of additional liners for warmth and comfort, complemented by an innovate airflow system that regulates internal temperature. The Nemoy has an MSRP of $669.

The Saragossa is designed to take on anything, built for the most rigorous conditions of extreme adventure riding. Like the Nemoy, it’s also waterproof and features dual layers with exceptional ventilation, prepared to handle the most extreme journeys in comfort. The Saragossa has an MSRP of $539.

Sidi boots hosted the North American debut of its CROSSFIRE 3 SRS, the third generation of the marketplace’s most technical off-road boot. The newest edition features an ankle pivot system, created to limit hyperextension, as well as an upgraded SR sole system, with a more cupped and thicker design, extending the boot’s lifespan. Arguably the biggest new feature is the adjustable calf system, accompanied by a slim, cool non-bootie design, that includes a double adjustment for riders with large calfs or knee brace systems. The velcro atop the inner boot gaiter has been extended, to accommodate the calf adjustment with an equally secure grip.

Sidi Crossfire Boots

The CROSSFIRE 3 SRS has an MSRP of $595.