AIMExpo CONNECT presented by Dairyland is a digital product launch platform and showcase that connects you with our industry’s dealers and retailers. This two-day digital event kicked off with an MIC Board 2021 Town Hall moderated by David Nour and featured 4 dealer education tracks led by industry experts.  The highlight of this event is the AIMExpo CONNECT “show floor” and product gallery which will be accessible 24/7 through February 5th.

AIMExpo CONNECT Show Floor

EDUCATION SCHEDULE and INFO (all times are shown in Pacific Standard Time)

Thursday, January 21

12noon:                Education Session 1

Title:  The “I” in F&I – Protecting Your Sale

Presenter:  Jason Millar, Senior Director of Business Development for Dairyland®

Description:  Enhance your customers’ experiences, secure sales, and drive more revenue to your store by leveraging a better understanding of Insurance (the I) in the F&I process. Jason Millar, Senior Director of Business Development for Dairyland® shares practical industry expertise and insights that you can apply to your process today.

1pm:                      Education Session 2

Title:  Unlocking the Secrets of Processing Cost, Risk & Compliance

Presenter:  Gene Lydick, Sr. Vice President of Sales, MIC Bankcard

Description: In this seminar, you will have the opportunity to learn from and ask questions of a 25-year veteran of the payment processing industry who happens to also be a 25-year veteran of the motorcycle industry.  Gene Lydick has been managing the MIC BankCard Program exclusively for the past 25 years and has seen and heard about everything you can think of as it relates to payment processing within a motorcycle dealership.

  • Who is Visa & MasterCard anyway? Can they force me to pay their high rates?
  • How do credit cards get hacked and is my dealership at risk? For how much?
  • How do I win the chargeback game every time?
  • Why does every business in the USA pay different rates to process credit cards? Is that legal?

Friday, January 22

11am                     Education Session 3

Title: Increase Operating Profits with Early Education and Engagement

Presenter:  Jim Jabaay, Vice President Specialty, SpinCar

Description: The most progressive dealerships are enhancing their backend profits with three key principles of effective merchandising: Educate and Engage – EARLY. Shoppers want to understand F&I options in order to make an educated decision about the products that are right for them. FACT: 89% of consumers would be more interested in meeting with an F&I manager after learning about available products on a dealer’s website. In this workshop, we will introduce you to turnkey solutions which showcase warranty and protection plans early in the shopping journey, before the shopper sets foot in the showroom or commits to a purchase. You’ll learn how to increase F&I attachment rates and help your dealership improve the internal sales process – with or without a dedicated finance department. But we won’t stop there. In addition, we’ll introduce you to proven digital merchandising best practices which can significantly improve the performance, engagement and conversion rates of your dealership’s VDPs while making your inventory stand out from the competition.

Learn how to easily implement effective early F&I selling and digital merchandising by registering for this webinar at the AIMExpo today!

12noon:                Education Session 4


Presenter: Ben Donnarumma, President, American Cycle Finance

Description:  The importance of  motorcycle dealerships capturing the subprime market and how to capture that market share while increasing the profitability of the dealership.

Attendees & Exhibitors:  Build Your Online Profile to Connect with the Brands You Want and Build Meaningful Relationships that will increase your business.

Every tradeshow is about making connections and capturing leads.  Our match making system allows exhibitors to search for attending dealers and make real connections through the exhibitor portal. Likewise, attending dealers are able to reach out to exhibitors regarding products and schedule a time to connect to discuss products and show specials.


Enhance Your Online Profile: Tell your story by adding rich digital content including product images, videos, and your latest news releases to your profile. Exhibitors who add content to their online profile typically generate more leads and engagement.

Review Your Attendee Leads: Your Leads list is comprised of attendees who have viewed your online profile or added you to their My Exhibitors list. Make sure to check your leads list daily so you do not miss your chance to connect with interested attendees.  

Review Your Attendee Recommendations: Your Recommendations are generated by the system based on which attendee’s product interests align with the your product categories. Attendees with more product interest matches will have a higher match percentage. 

Send an Email: Exhibitors have the ability to send an email message directly to an attendee’s inbox by clicking the envelope icon next to their listing.

Request a Meeting: By clicking on the calendar icon, exhibitors can request appointments with attendees. Choose the time you would like to connect virtually with the attendee and be sure to include the call details in the notes section. You can track your meeting status on your Appointment Calendar.



Browse—Connect—Schedule: Research exhibitors and products and then reach out via email, or send a virtual meeting request, to get important business conversations started.

Research Exhibitors & Products: Review the exhibitor list and build your list of must-see exhibitors by clicking the star icon beside their listing.

Start Important Conversations: Email exhibitors by clicking the mail icon beside their listing and learn more about the products they are offering.

Schedule Meetings: Reserve a virtual meeting time with exhibitors by clicking the calendar icon beside their listing and requesting an appointment.

See Your Exhibitor Recommendations: To see your best exhibitor matches and recommendations, be sure to update your profile so that it includes your most current product interests.

The MIC Gas Tank Competition is a mentorship program, open to individuals and groups, women and men, anyone with a new product or service idea. Gas Tank is specific to the Powersports industry. Selected entrants are paired with an industry mentor, who offers coaching and advice on developing a business plan. Participants compete for a chance to pitch live in front of influential industry business leaders and exhibit at AIMExpo.

Since AIMExpo has been postponed due to COVID 19, the 2020 finalists will present their business plans online January 22. They will also be exhibiting at the 2022 AIMExpo.

A panel of industry judges will decide first place, second place and runner up positions.

Gas Tank Finalists / Mentors:

  • Brake Free Technologies – WINNER

Finalist: Alex Arkhangelskiy


Mentor: Jayson Wickenkamp,

Brake Free Technologies designs and manufactures innovative safety products. We are a team of riders that share a love of the sport and a desire to bridge the gap between safety and style. We are passionate about creating truly beautiful and functional products for the sport we love.

Our first product is Brake Free—an ultra-bright smart LED brake light that instantly improves a motorcycle’s visibility. It mounts on the back of the helmet you already own and its sensors work automatically to let others know whenever you slow down braking, engine braking, or downshifting. No need for a wired installation or connected apps. Brake Free is brighter and more accurate than anything on the market. Brake Free is simply a smarter way to be seen. We have a patented brake detection technology that we want to use in other safety products and build partnerships with OEMs and gear manufacturers to add our technology into their products, such as smart helmets, gear, luggage, and more. We have plans to develop products for adjacent bicycle, electric bike/skateboard/scooter markets as well. Brake Free is just the beginning.

  • Sportbike Chic 

Finalist: Sean Rucker


Mentor: Tracy Motz,

Sportbike Chic wants to clothe motorcycle enthusiasts in safety gear, regardless of size. We’re here to fill the gap in what’s available to our women riders. Our jeans, for example, are designed for slender women to plus size and full-size women.  Even the accessories, like our patented Sportbike Chic motorcycle Tank Purse™ line give our riders more of a stylish, yet very functional flare. While the name has its origins from a sportbike enthusiast, coverage is coverage. Our products are great for sportbikes or cruisers.

  • Lawson AWD

Finalist: Bill Lawson


Mentor: Jim Kirkland

The Lawson All Terrain Motorcycle (ATM) provides the freedom to go farther with very low impact to the environment. We plan to manufacture and sell a full power, full time, all-wheel drive (AWD) motorcycle specifically designed for the average rider to easily traverse difficult terrain and to have a very low impact on the terrain.

  • Hare Motorcycles

Finalist: Steve Harter


Mentor: Gary Gustafson

Hare Motorcycles is an energetic startup with the goal of providing accessible personalized electric motorcycles.

  • Street Skills

Finalist: Jon DelVecchio


Mentor: Walt Fulton

Street Skills LLC has a creative solution to solve the problem of unskilled motorcyclists. Its unique Cornering Confidence online course has the potential to provide underserved motorcyclists with the skills necessary for success. The Cornering Confidence online course is an interactive self-paced learning experience designed to increase motorcycling skills in a short period of time. The course is available on any digital device, at any time and place the student chooses and at a reasonable price.

Gas Tank Judges:

  • Bob Althoff, Owner, A.D. Farrow Co. Harley-Davidson Family of Dealerships, owner Dealernews, MIC Dealer Advisory Council Chair
  • Kim Harrison, general manager at Coleman Powersports and MIC Dealer Advisory Council Member
  • Nicole Allen, Country Manager, USA, Motorcycle Division, Akrapovic and MIC Board member

How does Matchmaking work? AIMExpo CONNECT’s matchmaking tool allows exhibitors and attendees to connect with one another based on product categories of interest. When you build your profile and attendees register and build theirs, attending dealers are able to reach out to exhibitors regarding products and schedule a time to connect to discuss products and show specials.

Is there a deadline to sign up as an exhibitor?

There is no a deadline to sign up, but we recommend signing up early so you have ample time to build your virtual booth.  Note:  There is a $100 rush processing fee for contracts received after January 8, 2021


Do I need to “staff” my virtual booth?

With our matchmaking program, connections are made through email and calendar requests; you do not need to have staff standing by to answer live attendee chat requests; it is recommended you have someone monitoring the email address you provided in your profile to respond to inquiries in a timely fashion

How many attendees do you expect?

As a new event, we anticipate approximately 250 attendees

When does attendee registration open?

Registration opens mid-December


Is there a deadline to register as an attendee?

There is no deadline to register

Is there a registration fee for attendees?

Registration is free

Will there be consumers? 

Consumers will NOT be admitted to the event

Will I be able to access the show floor and product listing after the event?

Yes, the show floor and product listings will be available for 2 weeks after the event – through February 5, 2021

Will there be dealer education?

Yes, dealer education will take place both days. Stay tuned for the education schedule coming soon

Have other questions?

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