AIMExpo 2024 – A Look at Opening Day

Wednesday, February 7 – A Look at Opening Day

New Products and Education On-Stage

As the doors opened to the 10th edition of AIMExpo, thousands of attendees streamed into the Las Vegas Convention Center for North America’s largest powersports trade show. The show floor was sold-out in December and staff had to make extra room for companies that still wanted in. In total, more than 370 exhibitors including more than 20 OEMs and several major distributors. Attendees have come to take advantage of a thriving powersports business and learn what products – and industry insights – they can leverage to grow more in 2024 and beyond.

Today at AIMExpo

MIC Lunch & Learn

Yesterday at AIMExpo

Directions, Dates, and Times

Show Features

New Product Showcase

The MIC Business Center

MIC Member Benefits

Exhibitor Registration: 8 am to 5 pm
South Hall Lobby

Dealer Badge Pick-Up and On-Site Registration: 8 am to 5 pm
South Hall Lobby

MIC Business Center and AIMExpo Sales Office: 8 am to 5 pm
Booth 6007

Exhibit Hall Open: 9 am to 5 pm
South Hall Lower Level

Media Center Open: 9 am to 5 pm
Booth 1001

Motorcycle & Powersports News and AIMExpo are partnering to bring the most engaging and actionable education sessions yet to the Disruptive Thinking stage. Key subjects will include training and talent; finance and insurance; parts, garments, and accessories; and marketing.

The Disruptive Thinking education series, free for all AIMExpo attendees, will run all three days on the show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

New products are what drive our industry. NPC will have some of the latest products on display as well as a new product presentation stage where participating brands can show and talk about their latest products with our New Product Host.

All dealers and media are encouraged to attend the presentations scheduled for every day of the show. This is the schedule for today, the second of three days of new product presentations.


All MIC members are invited to join us at noon in the Business Center for today’s free Lunch & Learn, with David Savlowitz, CEO and founder of Competitive Analytics. Savlowitz will help you learn about motivating your team through a customized RPG workshop. RPG stands for role-playing game and he’ll explain how it leads to better teamwork, leadership development, and creative problem-solving.Complimentary lunch will be served. The MIC Business Center is located on the lower level at the Las Vegas Convention center, booth 6007.

If you’re an MIC member, you already have access to the valuable quarterly Business Advisory & Forecast, powered by Competitive Analytics. These cover historical sales and forecasted trends, U.S. economic performance, variables that drive motorcycle sales, and much more. And at the Lunch & Learn, you’ll also get preliminary forecasts for 2024, 2025, and 2026.

Also on-hand at the MIC Business Center is Buckner Nesheim, director of MIC Research and Statistics. For much of AIMExpo, Nesheim and his team will be there to answer questions and help turn data that every MIC member has access to into useful information – whether they’re a small shop or an OEM. There’s tremendous value in the MIC’s cross-industry, cross-segment information, not just on sales, but on registration of nearly every make and type of powersports product. This is proprietary and granular. Plus, Nesheim can teach members about important trends in the industry.
“Motorcycle sales are a leading indicator of consumer sentiment, and we have data on the aftermarket as well as on various segments,” Nesheim said. “My team and I can field questions about the MIC’s 2024 Motorcycle Statistical Annual, too, and how its findings can apply to any powersports business.”

Some Positive Figures in the Data

MIC Board Members Discuss Statistical Annual

The 10th AIMExpo opened yesterday at the Las Vegas Convention Center, starting off with welcome news and a message for the industry from Cinnamon Kernes, MIC vice president of market expansion and events.

“Our show floor is sold-out,” Kernes said. “We have more dealers registered than we’ve ever seen. AIMExpo is about learning. It’s about making our industry a better place, and part of that is education. The more you know, the more you can do.”

Moderator Sam Dantzler, MIC board members Jim Woodruff, Derek Brooks, and John Hinz on stage in Las Vegas at AIMExpo.Kernes and three members of the MIC Board of Directors were first up on the show’s Disruptive Thinking stage, where 14 educational sessions are taking place this week. The presentations – in a partnership with Motorcycle & Powersport News – benefit visiting dealerships and powersports industry staff members alike, covering a wide range of topics from data analysis to digital engagement with customers. The MIC Business Center is also hosting two lunch and learns at AIMExpo, focused on government relations, association member participation, and motivating teams.More messages of optimism came during the MIC Breakfast with the Board, presented by S&P Global. MIC Chair Derek Brooks, the motorcycle product line manager for Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., was joined by MIC Vice Chair John Hinz, CEO of KTM North America, Inc., and MIC Secretary/Treasurer Jim Woodruff, CEO of National Powersport Auctions.

Revealing MIC Data – Scroll Down on Next Page to Read More

Attracting, Retaining, and Developing Talent

Maximizing Staff when it’s Hard to Get Good Help

If there’s one struggle common among dealers, it’s hiring and retaining talent. Brent Gyuricza of Maverick Motorsports, A.J. Meisel of Plano Kawasaki Suzuki, and Michael Maledon of Elway Powersports all said it’s been a learning curve.

Meisel said partly this is about checking your own understanding of younger people. “I realized that the problem wasn’t with the employee, it was with me – that I had to make a change.” Maledon echoed that: “To be an effective leader you either have to be humble or get humbled.”

Speaking of leadership, and knowing what you’re good at, Gyuricza owned up to what he didn’t know – and how he tackles that weakness. “I’m terrible at training,” but he said he’s hired managers who are better at it, and noted that “some of the manufacturers have some excellent training tools.”

That also circled back to leadership, and the distinction between bosses and leaders. “A boss,” Meisel said, “is going to tell you what to do. A leader is going to inspire his or her team, and that’s critical, really, you know, (to) bring those people up.”

As for the challenge of keeping great employees, Gyuricza says that’s a matter of empowering his employees to grow into leadership roles. But Maverick has also taken unique strategies, including helping enable home ownership for employees and creating a vacation fund for staff. People aren’t great about saving, he said, and many of their staff have long expressed how they always want to go on a great vacation. So Gyuricza banks miles from company credit cards to be able to reward his best staff with trips.

Maledon made the point that it may not be about rewards or cash – that proper training and putting staff in the best position to succeed is critical. Everyone on the stage echoed the idea that constant positive reinforcement and better onboarding is critical. “You can lose a salesperson if you don’t slow down and make sure we’re doing the proper training,” he said.

The MIC Hosts First Lunch & Learn

Government Relations and Member Benefits Discussed

The first-ever MIC Lunch & Learn at AIMExpo focused on MIC member benefits. Yesterday, that included complimentary lunch and a chance to hear from Scott Schloegel, MIC senior vice president in the Government Relations Office, as well as Tim Calhoun, president of sales and marketing, Rawrr, Inc., MIC board member, and MIC Aftermarket Committee chair.

Schloegel first made clear the MIC success in keeping powersports dealers and OEMs open as essential businesses during the COVID lockdowns.

“Our president sent letters to all 50 governors asking them to keep manufacturing as well as dealers open,” Schloegel said. The MIC explained how police, the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and first-responders use powersports vehicles every day. And Schloegel said that the government relations work never ends.

“When it comes to the government relations side, there were 143,000 bills introduced across the states last year,” Schloegel said. “So, we see which ones are relevant to us, and then advocate on behalf of the organization for either passage or opposition. We’re like your antivirus software: We’re constantly running in the background.”

Schloegel noted success against internal combustion engine bans, and ensuring motorcycles were excluded in a new bill requiring engraving or etching on catalytic converters, among other anti-theft measures.

Calhoun said that all of these actions by the MIC would be impossible by any dealer or OEM alone.

“We’re better collectively than we are apart,” he said. Calhoun wants members to know that in the past three years the MIC has made huge strides in delivering more data for members, while making it more usable, relevant, and timely. And he believes the largest issue looming on the horizon is legislation on PFAS chemicals, which are found in a wide variety of powersports products from parts to riding gear.

“In July 2023, Time magazine said that PFAS lawsuits will eclipse the dollar totals of big tobacco payouts,” Calhoun stated. “Our industry is going to have to be proactive and work together to get through some of these issues.”

Understanding the Value of Your Dealership

And the Need for a Plan and a Team

It’s critical for any dealership owner to know the true valuation of their business, and create a plan for when they decide to leave that enterprise or if a challenging life event takes place.

Paulina Matel and Brad Stanek of Morgan Stanley, and Courtney Bernhard and George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services, spoke about the key components that determine dealership value on Tuesday afternoon, and ways to grow wealth through that business over time.

“We want to make sure dealers understand the importance of valuing their dealerships, and that having a talk about what that business is worth does not only apply to dealers who are looking to exit immediately,” said Matel, financial advisor, Certified Financial Planner, and Certified Exit Planning Advisor. “The dealership is likely the largest asset that they own on their personal net worth statement, so regardless if they’re planning to exit now, or five years from today, we want the dealer to plan for not only a sale, but also a contingency plan for events like death, disability, divorce, or any unexpected life event. It’s just a very, very valuable exercise to go through and it also helps with their financial planning. Why wouldn’t you take the time to truly understand what that dealership is worth if you’re spending 60, 80, maybe a 100 hours in it per week, trying to grow it, provide for your employees, but without really having a good grasp on what it’s worth? You may be surprised at the end of the day, and that may change the trajectory of where you see yourself. Having that proactive plan in place is obviously key.”

Bernhard, a partner at Performance Brokerage Services, advises that dealers who are starting to think about retiring should have a team in place.

“Now is the time to dive into what’s really going on in the inner workings of your dealership,” she said. “When is the last time your Depreciation Schedule has been reviewed? Are you communicating to your CPA the items that are no longer in use and additional ones that have come into the dealership? When is the last time you performed an annual physical inventory of your parts, accessories, and general merchandise? Who are the people you have on your team? Do you have a CPA, tax person, and financial planner? We can help in referring professionals that understand the industry. The whole team really makes a difference in preparing for a sale or just getting a better understanding of where your dealership currently is. The goal is to get with dealers, educate them, and be a resource for them now and in the future.”

“It’s not just listing your dealership,” Matel said. “It’s not just coming to Morgan Stanley when you have a liquidity event, but it’s truly taking a three-, to five-, maybe a ten-year plan to be able to get it right. And the timeline is different for every dealer, but I think education and awareness of resources to dealers in the powersports industry is very key.”

Bob Althoff, Cinnamon Kernes, Rick Alcon, Kim Harrison, and Scott Schloegel.

Dealer Advisory Council Members Honored

Recognizing a Decade of Service on Behalf of Dealers Nationwide

On stage at AIMExpo yesterday evening, the MIC honored Rick Alcon, Bob Althoff, and Kim Harrison for their 10 years of service on behalf of the Dealer Advisory Council.

Alcon is the CEO of the Team R&S Powersports Group, with locations in New Mexico and Wyoming. Althoff is a minority owner of Farrow Harley-Davidson in Ohio. And Harrison is the general manager of Coleman Powersports in Virginia.

The Dealer Advisory Council is a group of MIC dealer members representing a cross-section of the national dealership population. The goal is to have an effective avenue to share ideas among the powersports value chain: consumers, dealers, and manufacturers/distributors.

Among many other industry efforts, all three honorees have been a part of the MIC Capitol Hill Fly-Ins, a point stressed by award presenter, Scott Schloegel, MIC senior vice president in the Government Relations Office. Joining Schloegel in the presentation was Cinnamon Kernes, MIC vice president of market expansion and events.

Dealers, exhibitors, media, and powersports business leaders raced across AIMExpo carpet last night, chasing glory and bragging rights in the SUPER73 Industry E-Bike Throwdown. Prizes for the winner also included a brand-new SUPER73 e-bike and a fresh Simpson helmet.

After the riders competed in brackets and the field thinned out, there was one final sprint around the twisting indoor e-bike track, and at the finish it was Thor Drake, the cleanest line-maker of every heat, electron-ing away to victory. Drake, the founder of the One Moto Show in Portland, Oregon, is also a SUPER73 dealer.

“I used to be a hooligan racer,” he said. “And it was pretty cool to come out here and win a SUPER73.” He plans to give the bike away, though. “I’m just trying to promote motorcycles, so it’ll go to a good home.”

Throwdown winner Thor Drake didn’t let anyone get between himself and the checkered flag, or a brand new SUPER73 e-bike to take home from Vegas.


– Click Here For the Online Floor Plan –Las Vegas Convention Center
South Hall Lower Level
3150 Paradise Road
Las Vegas 89109

– Directions – 

Powered by Transax Digital Retail, the Dealer Tech Zone will be centrally located on the show floor, where attendees can take a comfortable time-out, charge devices, and network at the show. Open 9 am to 5 pm.

The e-bike market is growing fast. This additional category within powersports is set to grow from $49.7 billion in 2022 to $80.6 billion by 2027. To help support this growth and integration into the powersports industry, AIMExpo will have two indoor e-bike demo tracks: one for Turn 14 Distribution brands and one for additional participating companies. Demos open 9 am to 5 pm.

The custom segment of motorcycling is more popular than ever and an influential category within the industry. The 2 Wheel Custom Showcase will highlight 10 of the country’s best custom builders showing off their latest custom builds curated by Kevin Dunworth of Dunworth Machines. Brian Buttera, David Chang, Larry Curik, Tim Dixon, Kacey Elkins, Oliver Jones, Roy Martin, Mark Rabideau, Anthony Robinson, and Paul Wideman will showcase their talents and diversity of style. Open 9 am to 5 pm.

The 4 Wheel Showcase is dedicated to showing the progression of ATVs and side-by-sides with curated units provided by the industry’s leading manufacturers. As this category grows, more and more OEMs and aftermarket companies are building vehicles and parts to cater to four-wheel customers. Here you’ll find unique vehicles built to satisfy the ever evolving four-wheel customer. Open 9 am to 5 pm.

A Special Promotion for Dealers at AIMExpo

Come view all of our latest e-bikes and drive units, and celebrate over 30 years of electric bicycle innovation from Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles. Sign-up to become a dealer at AIMExpo today, and receive a FREE YDX-MORO 07 Special Edition model with your opening order! Join us at the booth at 2 pm each day for our Afternoon Recharge event with coffee, cookies and conversations about all the great dealer programs from Yamaha Bicycles.

We invite you to come view all of our latest e-bikes and drive units, and learn more about the Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles exclusive program for social media content collaboration. Promoboxx is a robust platform that enables you to utilize and customize engaging social media content with little effort and no cost to you. The Yamaha Bicycles team has designed and built informational, promotional and inspirational content to boost your social media game to the next level.

The Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles eCommerce Platform was designed with your success in mind. By participating in our eBike Unit Ecommerce Program, you will be the seller of record and an integral part of the process. This means that you will not only have access to a cutting-edge sales channel, but you will also directly benefit from the sales transactions made through our platform.

In 2024, Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles joined Yamaha University to be our exclusive platform for dealer training. Access hours of Yamaha training videos and certification programs and enjoy streamlined access to Yamaha online dealer services. Connect with Yamaha Bicycles staff at AIMExpo for a special overview of all our latest models and dealer programs!

Visit Yamaha Bicycles at booth 3023 and at the E-Bike Demo Track 

S&P Global Mobility

When it comes to motorcycles, ATV/SxS, scooter & off-road owners, S&P Global Mobility (formerly R. L. Polk & Co.) can show you what’s selling, who’s buying and how to reach them. S&P offers solutions to help you analyze your market, better understand motorcycle consumer buying patterns and communicate with them effectively (postal, email or social). Solutions include: Motorcycles-in-Operation data (US Summary to Zip Code level) Motorcycle New & Used Registration data (US Summary to Zip Code level) Motorcycle Buyer Migration Analysis Motorcycle Buyer Conquest & Defection Activity (model level) Motorcycle Brand & Model Loyalty Motorcycle Lienholder Market Share Analysis  Motorcycle Audiences for direct marketing by Brand & Category (Household level, for all 50 States) Motorcycle Audiences “In the Market” to buy a new motorcycle (Household level, for all 50 States) Direct Marketing Campaign Measurement of Motorcycle Purchases 1st Party Data Enhancement Motorcycle Owner Verification  Complete Garage View Analysis (Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATV/SxS & Off Road) Strategic Supply Chain Analysis US market entry studies/analysis

Visit S&P Global Mobility at booth 7023


SW-MOTECH offers a wide variety of premium adventure, sport-touring, retro, and cruiser motorcycle accessories. Some of our most popular products include TRAX aluminum hard luggage, the patented QUICK-LOCK tank ring system, and premium crash bars. Engine guards, skidplates, ergonomic parts, and many other premium accessories are also available for most current motorcycle models. The complete product line will be found at where customers can enter make and model information to find a tailored list of all products available for their specific motorcycles.

Visit SW-MOTECH at booth 6107

Transax Digital Retail

Transax is the first complete Digital Retail Platform for powersports dealers and manufacturers. The platform provides everything a dealership needs to extend their personal sales experience to wherever the customer is – even enabling a full guided checkout and payment experience on your existing website. The Transax Customer Engagement capabilities include everything dealers need to move deals forward no matter where their customers are – e-quotes with payment links, e-signatures, full business texting support, and integrated finance. The result of making the customer’s experience easier? More leads, less time spent per deal, and a stronger closing ratio.

Visit Transax Digital Retail at booths 4067 and 5067

Turn 14 Distribution

As a company focused on the future, Turn 14 Distribution, the parent company of Turn 14 Powersports, is focused on the future and the emergence and growth potential of new markets. Our activations at our E Power booth and the Turn 14 Distribution E-Bike Demo track an eye to the future in a market that harkens to the simplicity and roots of how the motorcycle began – a simple frame powered by a basic motor, albeit electric. We’ve elected to feature Fantic bikes at our E-Bike booth and demo area. We’ve taken a streamlined approach to allow our sales team and dealers a focused look at what Fantic has to offer. A personalized approach in both activation areas should yield better results for everyone, increasing sales and a clearer understanding of this non-traditional option’s product features and benefits.

Visit Turn 14 Distribution at booth 5077

MIC members will have complimentary access to the conveniently located MIC Business Center, featuring workstations, device charging, printers, meeting rooms, storage, and a lounge with beverages and lunch.

AIMExpo attendees who are not yet MIC members are invited to contact and meet with MIC staff inside the Business Center, Tuesday through Thursday. A wide variety of powersports businesses can join and benefit from MIC membership. And any powersports dealer can join the MIC for only $495 a year. Learn more at the MIC Business Center on the lower level at the Las Vegas Convention center, booth 6007.

Exhibitor Credit and More – Those who are in Las Vegas this week and renew booth space for the 2025 show will receive a $300 per-booth credit with a maximum up to 60 percent of their total dues.

The MIC has a lot to offer members – far-ranging benefits, not only for companies, but for powersports as a whole. With legislative matters, with public land issues, businesses do much better standing together as one powerful industry force.

We support MIC members through regular communication about our tangible membership benefits: advocacy, industry research, market expansion through Ride With Us, as well as our online symposiums that provide professional development opportunities and keen insights on industry trends.