About the AIMExpo Championship of the Americas

For the first time in motorcycling history there is a world class bike show focused on builders from all of the Americas that will serve as a path to compete in the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. TheOWC-AIMEXPO AFFILIATE LOGO LowRes AIMExpo Championship of the Americas will be a showcase of design, engineering and creativity by custom bike builders from as far north as Greenland all the way to the tip of South America.
The show will feature 4 classes based on different platforms as opposed to catering to the style de jour. Customizing a motorcycle as an expression of your personal identity has been the essence of two wheel differentiation and satisfaction since the GI’s returned home in the 40’s. The opportunity for enthusiasts, members of the media, and the greater industry to appreciate these rolling masterpieces of art and meet their creators will be a memorable experience for one and all, no matter what your type of riding or particular brand preference might be.

Free Style First Place Josh Dickinson

Retro Custom First Place Jordan Dickinson

Recent World Champions have been crowned from both Canada and the United States with world class entries emerging from Mexico, Columbia and Argentina. When custom bike builders from all over the Americas meet in Orlando in October they will be competing for a coveted entry, plus expenses, to represent the Americas in the 2018 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building at the Intermot international motorcycle fair in Cologne, Germany in the fall of 2018.

Street Custom First Place Adam Karns

Performance Custom First Place Jesse Spade

The show will feature four classes based on different platform combinations of engine and chassis configurations. The competition will be open to all brands of motorcycles making it a truly International competition. The principal platform, where builders will be vying for the opportunity to move on to the World Championship is Free Style, which poses absolutely no restrictions on the builder. The other platforms are:

  • Retro Custom – restricts the builder to pre-1984 drivetrains
  • Street Custom – one of the most popular platforms – limits builders to major OEM engine and chassis configurations
  • Performance Custom – does not have to be street legal and allows full competition motorcycles to compete

It is well accepted that custom motorcycle building as we know it today began with young and restless GI’s returning home and not wanting to settle into their father’s routine. They took full size Harley’s of the era and stripped them down by chopping the fenders, replacing the seats, and building handlebars and sissy bars out of chair and table legs. While not everyone can be a custom bike builder, every motorcyclist has done something to their bike to personalize it. Whether a motocrosser with custom graphics, a police bike with hand pin-striping, your buddy’s street bike with ape hangers and aftermarket exhaust or a garage built bobber, they all represent a personal attempt to stand out. Without question, custom bikes represent the essence of motorcycling.

Whether you are a professional builder or simply delight in personalizing your machine to reflect you, we invite you to join us at this year’s AIMExpo to revel at the custom motorcycles competing for the recognition of their builder’s imagination, ingenuity, execution and dedication. We promise you will become inspired to make some changes on your bike and maybe even start your own project. To help with your inspiration you’ll be able to talk with the builders, while enjoying America’s largest collection of aftermarket companies and their wide range of accessories and upgrades on display. Ultimately, our goal is to bring all that is motorcycling together in one place at one time to celebrate what motorcycles mean to us as a community and an individual. See you this October in Orlando!

Questions? Contact Bob Kay at 817-312-0380 or Enter Your Bike HERE